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Global Crew Prestige is an American-based in-flight training program for corporate flight attendants. Originating in Paris, GCP specialize in the culture of European-style etiquette training; a superlative tradition mostly absent from other American-based programs. GCP prepares its applicants to demonstrate top-quality service, with a touch of French elegance, immediately upon completion of the program.

The 4-day long program focuses on the real-world application of corporate aviation techniques. The program teaches you to anticipate the clients’ every need and provide a memorable service to the global elite. We specialize in emergency preparedness, business aviation expectations & standards, culinary arts, menu preparation, and cabin conduct & service. We invite you to enroll in this one of a kind, European-style training program.

Prepare to stand above the rest in your career. To rise above the standard and meet those of the international elite. Our style of training will lead you to be nothing short of a success in the corporate aviation industry worldwide.




Over 10 years of experience in Corporate Aviation in Europe and the United States

Dafne Isasi has a multicultural heritage; she was born in Argentina and raised in France. She speaks English, French, and Spanish on a daily basis. Having earned both a Bachelor of Arts in Culinary Arts from the esteemed French Auguste Escoffier School as well as an international In-Flight safety & security certification, Dafne abides by a triple S motto. “Safety, Standards, & Service.”

Dafne  has ventured into multiple sectors of private aviation; taking on pivotal roles as a flight coordinator, aircraft sales and acquisition broker, and a flight department services and standards consultant. Moreover, as the chief flight attendant, she implemented the standards and practices in flight departments consisting of hundreds of cabin attendants. She has a genuine understanding of what it takes to be successful in corporate aviation.

Dafne has gained a wealth of expertise throughout her illustrious career. It was her dream to share this industry mastery with hopeful flight attendants. In 2012, she forged her own company called School-Jet in Paris, France. Her training program quickly accomplished a reputation for cultivating the highest caliber of flight attendants worldwide. Today, she has continued that success by extending this training program to the United States; thus, Global Crew Prestige was born. Today, American cabin attendants have the opportunity to attain the degree of “White-Glove Service” the private aviation world has come to expect internationally.

Dafne believes that the world of aviation is challenging and where competition and self-doubt are two of a prospective flight attendants biggest challenges. Successful flight attendants need to be a pro in everything they do. Half-measures are not enough. Being a pro only comes through proper training. “Only perfect practice makes perfect”. 


To be a corporate flight attendant is a career not a job.



Over 15 years of experience both private and commercial

Mari Whyte was born and raised in Finland. Before entering the world of aviation, she was studying Corporate Communication at SAMK University and holds a Diploma in Hospitality Management. Mari is multilingual and has lived in 5 different countries giving her a great insight to different cultures around the world.

She has operated for multiple airlines and has experience in managerial positions; supervising, training and motivating crew. Mari held positions as Cabin Manager, Line-checker and Crew Resource Manager. She has completed an extensive range of safety and first aid training during her years of flying as well as WSET Wine awards, Catering food safety courses and Front of House Training delivered by the British Butler Institute.

Mari Whyte’s expertise lies in excellent customer care skills. She has exceptional attention to detail and outstanding communication and interpersonal skills.
Mari’s passion and focus is using her experience and expertise to train future flight attendants and give them the best possible start in their careers. Mari believes you should never stop developing your skills and knowledge, “No matter how good you are, you can always be better”.

 Corporate European & American Training Philosophies in a Unique Flight Attendant Program Created with the Sole Purpose of Producing Top Tier Crew Members

Training is fast-paced and filled with useful tactics for making every flight memorable and seamless for the passengers.  In addition, the training is held on a Gulfstream Simulator, so trainees can understand what it means to perform on an actual airplane.



 All Inclusive Training Course $3400 

Training in Classroom & Gulfstream Airplane  

  • Etiquette Training: European & American Style
  • Safe Food Handling Training
Culinary Art
  • General Emergency Training
  • Evacuation Procedures for Gulfstream G500/550
  • In-flight Training in a Gulfstream Simulator


Etiquette Training Course $2600

Training in Classroom & Gulfstream Airplane  

  • Etiquette Training
  • European & American Style
  • Safe Food Handling Training
  • Culinary Art
  • Flight Preparation


Crewmember Emergency Training
  • Instruction in emergency assignments and procedures, including coordination among crewmembers.
  • Instruction on the location, function, and operation of emergency equipment
  • Instruction in the handling of emergency situations including: Rapid Decompression, Fire, Illness, Ditching, etc.
  • Other training in accordance with Federal Aviation FAA / FAR 135.331
Preparation for a Mission

• Catering budget and organization
• How to prepare a Menu
• Passenger infomation
• How to prepare an aircraft Galley and Cabin
• Pre-Flight and In-Flight procedures
• How to work with diverse service providers
• Applying solutions worldwide

Flight Requirements
  • Attitude Coaching
  • Catering Presentation
  • How to adapt and manage the flight in all situations
Culinary Art
  • Training with our talented and exclusive executive chef 
The Business Aviation World

• Business Aviation Expectations and standards
• Development of customer loyalty

For our students who wish for continuing education, we offer the unique opportunity to train in Paris with our top-level attendants. | +1-470-273-0654


Robert Fisch

CEO of Luxaviation Luxembourg – Managing Director Luxaviation Group

“I would like to highly recommend Ms. Dafne Isasi and Global Crew Prestige. I have known Ms. Isasi for almost 10 years, and had the privilege to support her Paris based successful Corporate Flight Attendant School. I’ve hired many of her graduates, all have been very well trained and some have taken on supervisory roles within Luxaviation Group.

Ms. Isasi is well experienced in handling a challenging guest or in a supervisory and training role. She is meticulous, hard working, flexible and punctual. In the many years that we have worked together I only regret that she left Europe for the United States.”

Mariane Vergassola

Consultant Cabin Services for Gama Aviation LLC

“It was a pleasure to learn new hands on techniques and approaches to the business with Dafne who has a European eye on the industry.
Dafne is very competent in her area of expertise but also carries a natural charm and passion that are contagious and make you want to perfect your skills and go the extra mile for your passengers.”

Stephanie Pansier

Cabin Attendant & First French Breitling Wingwalker

“The training by Dafne Isasi was a great experience. Thanks to Dafne and her team, I did my first flight about two months after the training. I am always learning something; each flight is a new adventure, which is really enjoyable. Plus, I have learned a lot about myself. This is the reason why I will always be thankful to you guys for having been as helpful and for having believed in me.”

Agathe Weller

Lead Corporate Flight Attendant, Master Jet

“This training was  a great experience. It allowed me to take the launch  into the private aviation business. Thanks  to Dafne Isasi, I had all the knowledge I needed to start my career and to feel comfortable on a private jet. Plus,  Dafne, introduced me to the company I am currently flying for. I am beyond grateful to be able to do what I am passionate about for a living! Thank you Dafne!”

Jean-Francois Bouzonnie

Director and Founder, IBC Aviation Paris – Geneva

I worked with Dafne for 6 years, including the year that she created the Cabin Attendant Service and the IBC Aviation standard. Thanks to her, all the IBC Aviation clients recognize us as the best service in Europe. In my opinion, her love of work well done and her sense of esthetics make her the BEST Trainer and Consultant in this Industry.

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